Hello and welcome to my gardening site!



The down and ‘dirt’y:

This is my calling. This is my bliss. I am a plant steward, or a bridge between the plant realm and you. I can bring YOUR vision into what the Earth needs and translate that into lush healthy gardens full of beauty, function and form– AND in a way that saves you money on your water bill!

Services offered:

  • Intuitive Landscape Design
  • General clean-up, streamlining, and organization
  • Planting and Transplanting
  • Eco-friendly organic techniques for minimizing “weeds”
  • Raised bed construction
  • Pruning
  • Mowing (your mower only)
  • Plant care while you are away (housesitting available as well)
  • Indoor houseplant care and maintenance
  • Nursery trips with you, or without you, to pick out fun new plants!
  • Plan with you to start a garden spot by reclaiming lawn space or other underused areas
  • Consultation/ Teaching (in case you just need some advice)
  • What else might you need?

About My Fees:

I am available for short term or one-time projects or consultations; however I prefer regular, ongoing visits ranging from weekly on up to every 3 months, set on a schedule, as that is easier for us all. The plants can depend on getting what they need and you can depend on me taking care of the gardens so you can turn your energy more fully toward whatever ignites YOU. Regularity also helps me to dial into the land and learn about the needs of your unique garden space. I can then come up with a plan to provide the best care for the plants and soil, encourage harmony/ beauty all around, and maximize efficiency of land, water, money, and labor- while fulfilling your vision of your dream garden.

I offer a free consultation whereby we can put our heads together to bring out your intentions and vision. If we resonate together, I will then assess whether to charge by the job, or at an hourly rate, and give you a quote.

I have a delightful helper that I team up with who assists on all jobs. We work well together and offer mutual motivated mojo. 🙂

For simplicity’s sake, and to more fully step into the 21st century, I offer Paypal so that we have options along with good old-fashioned checks.

You can pay me online using the button below. Yay for efficiency!


I have references of happy clients available, if needed. 🙂